Nanny check list: Full time nanny (live-in nanny) vs Part time nanny?

Sep, 17 2021

Nanny check list: Full time nanny (live-in nanny) vs Part time nanny?

If you’re a new parent, or a parent with a completely new schedule, it can be hard to decide what kind of help and care you and your family might need. Hiring a part time nanny or live-in nanny are both great options, but you need to figure out which one is best for you.

Each family’s needs and structure is different, so here is a little guide to help you choose, do I need a nanny, or do I need day care?

What is a nanny and what do they do?

A live in Nanny can be a great option for families who have rotating and irregular rosters, work night shifts or travel a lot for their job.

A live-in nanny is carer who specialises in early childhood care and education. They will live with you in your home, which ensures flexibility, so they can provide extra help with the family when it comes to taking care of your children.

Since they are sharing the same roof as you, their job can be quite open and flexible to your needs and any needs that may arise at short notice.

Families will discuss with their nanny what their care expectations will include, and they can usually include the following:

  • feeding, bathing and helping to dress the children
  • school / activities drop off and pick up, which include sports practice, play-dates, after school lessons
  • assisting children with their outside learning experiences, including homework but also other engaging, developmental experiences
  • helping out with the family routine – dinner, bathing, changing, getting ready for school, putting the children to bed
  • being present for overnight supervision if the parents are working night shifts or are away from the house during the night

A live-in nanny’s primary job is to take care of the children and all their related duties. This can include some basic education needs. They can also assist with general day-to-day running of the household, which can include:

  • cooking
  • general tidying up of all the common living spaces
  • maintaining children’s areas such as play rooms and bedrooms, which can include cleaning and making and changing the bedding
  • laundry
  • other general cleaning tasks like sweeping, mopping, cleaning and clearing the dishes, cleaning all commonly used surfaces
  • running errands and shopping for the family
  • any other tasks that are agreed upon in advance

Please note, any extra duties outside of childcare should be discussed with your nanny beforehand.


A live-in nanny will live in the house with you, so you will need to be able to accommodate an adult guest. They will require a full bedroom and preferably a private bathroom. Ideally, your nanny will have their own living quarters to allow for privacy during non-working hours.

A live-in nanny is not on call 24/7 and should not be expected to be. They will have their own work schedule and will be paid per hour that they work. The advantages of a live-in nanny is that they are more flexible with their work, whether that’s for overnight care, or to run small errands like pick-ups and drop-offs or shopping, which don’t require a full days schedule. They will also become another member of your family, and a great relationship can form between yourself, your nanny and your children.

An alternative to a live-in nanny can include an Au Pair, which is a live-in nanny, usually in the country on a working visa, which adds the excitement and learning opportunities of other cultures, languages and customs. You can read more about Au Pairs Australia here


Each family has different needs, so you will need to work together to come up with the expectations and execution of the job.

It’s paramount that you discuss and agree upon these terms before your live-in nanny moves in with you. Some important things to discuss include:

  • Respect and etiquette for both parties. Understand that you each have your personal space and expectations. As the member of the family, you will need to discuss what is and isn’t allowed in your home in terms of your nanny’s guests, how they will use your home during

their personal time, and the expectations around these.


  • Be clear on your philosophy on how you want and expect to have your children cared for, educated and raised – your live-in nanny will become a part of the family, so they will need to know what is expected of them


  • Always be clear on what the nanny’s job duties are and what their role is to be in your house and as a primary carer for your child


If a live-in nanny or au pair Australia service isn’t what you’re looking for, you can always hire a part-time nanny.

A part-time nanny will have a very similar schedule to a live-in nanny, but they don’t have the added bonus of flexible availability. A part-tiny nanny will have the same duties as a live-in nanny, meaning they will look after your children in your absence, and perform duties such as care, feeding, bathing, maintaining routine and potentially running errands and doing pick-ups / drop-offs.

Any extra work can be taken on by a part-time nanny, but these will need to be discussed prior to hire. It’s important that you discuss your schedule with your part-time nanny to make sure they are happy and comfortable to work with you, and that they also can meet your needs and expectations.

A part-time nanny can be great for families with a more scheduled week, or for families who only work part-time themselves.

No matter the schedule, a part-time nanny or live-in nanny will become an important part of your family. Finding a nanny, getting to know them, and slowing integrating them into your lifestyle is a fun and exciting experience. Enjoy the process and find the right nanny for you today!



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